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A N GLOBAL FIRM being established in 2003, an award winning law firm, is holding its predominant and pioneer stature for its dedication, sincerity, result orientation, integrity and excellence. A team of more than decades experienced lawyers adds its credibility, efficiency, stability and clear visualisation of results.
Having alliances with almost all field holding reputed, prestigious and renowned legal firms and experienced lawyers across the world strengthens its global networking to reach out within no time to resolve its client’s immediate and urgent requirements of legal assistances 24x7x365.
Tested with the time, we have proved ourselves in all difficult situations faced by our clients with balanced, swift and innovative legal strategies, which has strengthened our relations and confidence with our network of clients viz. individuals, multinational companies, corporations, government bodies and non-profit organisations across the oceans.

What we do

We are full service law firm providing end to end services under a single roof in litigations, compliance, regulations, restructuring, acquisitions, mergers, financial advising, project evaluation, fund raising advice on the basis of project evaluation, financial analytical evaluation, advice on contemporary laws concerning with real estate, finance, rules and regulations.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

We primarily deal with each and every branch of law across the globe with our excellent team of experienced lawyers and alliance legal firms. Prime areas of our practice includes viz.
and many more.

Alternative Disputes Resolution

Alternative Disputes Resolution:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM”, wherever possible, tries its best to settle all dispute including all types of Civil, Criminal, Corporate, Commercial, Service, Writs, Labour, Service, Dispute Resolution including Negotiation, Arbitration, Mediation and Matrimonial etc. to be settled by way of Mediation, Settlement, Discussion and Negotiation so as to discourage the excess litigation out of the Court. “A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” has a long story of success in resolving disputes by adopting this method and approach.

Legal Documentation Drafting and Consulting

Legal Documentation Drafting and Consulting:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” assists its clients and provide best advise in drafting all the legal documents including Suits, Petitions, Legal Notices, Consumer Complaints, Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Partnership Deed, Joint Venture Agreements, Applications, Bonds, Wills, Letter of Intents, Declarations, Warranty Deeds, Power of Attorneys etc..

Consumer Disputes

Consumer Disputes:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” has excellent lawyers to deal all consumer disputes covered under the Consumer Protection Act and the Monopolies Restrictive Trade Practices Act, including litigation in Consumer Forums, State and National Commission, MRTP Commission in matters relating to deficiency in services, product defects, misleading advertisements etc.

Movable and Immovable Properties

Movable and Immovable Properties:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” has excellent lawyers for litigation relating to recovery of property, possession, specific performance of agreements, declaration and injunction relating to various circumstances. It also deals with drafting and conveyancing of sale documents, power of attorneys, lease deeds, Building contracts, Rent Agreements, building agreements, suits for eviction, notices, agreement for labour work, simple mortgage deeds, Gift Deeds, Hypothecation Deeds etc.

Service Matters

Service Matters:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” deals with the matter related to service related matters before the industrial Tribunals, High Courts and Before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

Environmental Laws

Environmental Laws:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” deals with matters pertaining to environmental laws including advice and opinions on issues under the Wildlife Act, Water Act, Air Act, Environmental Protection Act and also matters covered under various International Environmental legislations.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” deals with the matters pertaining to Patents and Trade Marks and disputes arising therefrom relating to protection of designs, trademarks, patents etc..

Matrimonial Disputes

Matrimonial Disputes:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” deals with all disputes relating to Matrimonial Laws, Succession Laws such as divorce, maintenance, adoption, child custody etc., and tries its best to resolve all dispute keeping in mind the welfare of the society and humanity and always tries to save the matrimonial home. It always with various mediation, counseling and human approach tries not to go for the last resort for filing and getting the divorce.

Negotiable Instruments and Disputes

Negotiable Instruments and Disputes:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” deals with all kind of disputes arising out of Negotiable Instruments i.e. dishonor of cheques under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, Recovery and other related matters including drafting of various banking documents such as loan agreements, lease deeds, overdraft agreements, affidavits, denying receipt of notice of dishonour of cheques, Bank Guarantee etc. and provides excellent services to all the banks and financial institutions.

Corporate and Commercial Disputes

Corporate and Commercial Disputes:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” deals with all type of commercial matters including corporate and commercial disputes and drafting of various agreements and contracts, MOU’s etc relating to all aspects of corporate and commercial laws such as commercial contracts, agency, supply of equipments, research and development agreements, Franchise Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements etc.

Labour Disputes

Labour Disputes:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” handles the disputes relating to labour matters under the industrial Disputes Act, Factory Act, Trade Union, illegal termination matters, Workmen’s Compensation matters etc. is carried out regularly by “A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM”.

Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crimes:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” deals with disputes arising out of Information Technology Laws relating to confidential information, Computer Hacking, Email Threats, non competition, software development agreements, agreements for sale of technical know how, etc..

Taxation Disputes

Taxation Disputes:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” deals with representation before officers at ITO in various tax related matters and litigation at ITAT in tax matters and also provide Consultation and drafting of opinions relating to tax based queries.

Public Interest Litigation

Public Interest Litigation:

“A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM”, wherever feels necessary for the public interest, always come forward to file the Public Interest Litigation in High Courts and the Supreme Court of India based on various issues such as environment, public welfare, education, quality of life and living etc and all other vital issues of public interest.

Our Team

Our Team


Amar Nath Saini, Advocate

Chairman & Senior Partner, A N Global Law Firm
Mobile No. 9811440079

Mr. Amar Nath Saini is the Chairman of “A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” practicing in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court and other High Courts of India, District Courts of Delhi and other legal institutions.
Mr. Saini is member of Supreme Court Bar Association, Delhi High Court Bar Association, Delhi Bar Association, Dwarka Court Bar Association and Rohini Court Bar Association.
Mr. Saini was appointed Special Counsel for Union of India for Government of India before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in 2013-2014. Having got the opportunities to represent various government institutions, he has served various panels of government institutions including Government of NCT Delhi, North Municipal Corporation of Delhi, New India Assurance Co. Ltd., ICICI Bank Etc..
Mr. Saini is handing cases independently and through his team of experienced lawyers experts in each and every branch of law including Corporate, Arbitration, Criminal, Civil, Constitutional, Matrimonial, Consuder, and Service matters etc. before the Supreme Court.
Mr. Saini filed various Public Interest Litigations including the Historic “One Bar One Vote” titled as P. K. Dash & Ors. Versus Bar Council of Delhi & Ors. etc., and various others are ongoing.
Mr. Saini is a Hard working lawyer with focus and determination, who have delivered speeches at various National and International forums and many of his Articles related to cases were Published in various National dailies including The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Sahara, Dainik Jagran etc., and he has been interviewed by various National News Channels including Aaj Tak, Sahara National, Metro Channel, etc., with regard to his sensational cases, which got the attention of the general public and the same was appreciated a lot.
Recently also Mr. Saini met with many legal experts, attorneys and solicitors at US Federal Court and District Court of Chicago, United States of America on the subject of interaction of International Bar which have received a lot of appreciation.
Mr. Saini is the President of Universal Jurists Associations which is n renowned Association regularly organizing various Seminars, Summit and Conference on various contemporary, sensitive and topics requires the attention of common man. One finds Mr. Saini honest, humble, simple, good natured person, who have concern for the society with global commitments.
Mr. Saini is dealing matters related to Civil, Criminal, Corporate litigation in Supreme court of India, Delhi High Court and other High Courts of India, District Courts of Delhi, MRTP Commission, Company Law Board, Consumer Courts, representations in tax matters at ITO and ITAT..
Mr. Saini also engaged actively in drafting of agreements, deeds and other such legal documents by various corporate house and multination companies. He also advices and gives opinions on queries based on various legal issues such as consumer matters, matrimonial matters, civil suits, real estate, environmental law, intellectual property laws etc. He is often engaged in speedy settlement of matters out of Court by way of aggressive negotiation, mediation and discussions.
Mr. Saini takes keen interest with his vigilantism to take steps to protect the interest of the common man taking various issues in PIL before the High Courts and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
Mr. Saini is easily accessible just send your quarries related in the boxes given on the front page below, which would be shortly answered by him and can be easily reachable on the numbers provided therein.

  1. Jolly Vikash, Senior Partner, Corporate Lawyer
  2. Suchismita Bhuyan, Advocate, Columbus, Ohio, United States of America
  3. Bijender Singh, Advocate, Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh
  4. Balwant Singh, Advocate, High Court of Himachal Pradesh at Shimla
  5. Rohini Singh, Advocate, Bombay High Court, Mumbai
  6. Rakhi Sachdeva, Advocate, High Court of Rajasthan at Jaipur
  7. Lim Kim, Attorney, Supreme Court of Singapore, Singapore
  8. Linda, Corporate Lawyer, Switzerland
  9. Bhawna, Advocate
  10. Swapan, Senior Consultant
  11. Sunil Kumar, Tax Consultant

Amar Nath Saini, Advocate
Contact: Mobile No. 9811440079
Ch. No. 17, New Lawyers’ Chamber Block,
Bhagwan Dass Road, Supreme Court of India,
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